Graduate Certificate in Nanomedicine

The Nanomedicine Innovation Center created one of the world’s first certificates in nanomedicine. This part-time, 12-credit graduate program can be completed in as little as two semesters. This program is ideally suited for students seeking to learn more about nanomedicine before entering the workforce, as well as working professionals who want to gain new knowledge and skills in nanomedicine.

The Graduate Certificate in Nanomedicine is designed for scientists, engineers, and physicians to develop competency and practical skills in the application of nanotechnology to problems in medicine. This program is appropriate for those working in or seeking careers in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, biomedical, or clinical fields. Program participants receive advanced training in the fundamental and applied aspects of nanomedicine, as well as nanomedicine commercialization from bench to bedside. The curriculum includes a variety of activities for scientific and professional development, including lectures, case studies, journal readings, term projects, and close interactions with distinguished faculty and experts drawn from academia, hospitals, industry, and government.

The certificate consists of five nanomedicine (NNMD) courses, totaling 12 semester-hour credits. This is a part-time, 12-credit graduate program that can be completed in as little as two semesters.