Dr. Needa Brown

Associate Director

Dr. Needa Brown is Assistant Teaching Professor at Northeastern University, specializing in Immunotherapy and Nanomedicine. She directs the MS and Graduate Certificate degree programs in Nanomedicine. Her interdisciplinary research bridges physics, engineering, and biology, aiming to translate theranostic nanoparticles to clinical use. Dr. Brown’s work emphasizes optimizing nanomedicine interactions within disease microenvironments for synergistic treatment approaches and she has contributed significantly to the literature on cancer therapy and imaging. Her recent research includes developing time-released treatments for breast and ovarian cancer to reduce hospital visits. Dr. Brown holds a PhD from Oklahoma University.

Dr. Anne van de Ven

Associate Director

Dr. Anne L. van de Ven is Associate Professor of Physics at Northeastern University, specializing in nanomedicine and experimental nanotherapeutics. With 17 years of experience, she is Director of Online Programs in the Master’s and Graduate Certificate degree programs in Nanomedicine and leads educational initiatives to diversify the STEM workforce. Her research focuses on optimizing nanotherapeutics for cancer and antibiotic-resistant infections, combining nanoparticle synthesis with imaging and modeling. She received her PhD from Rice University.

Rita Kaderian

Program Manager

Rita Kaderian is an experienced administrator who manages several research and educational programs. She received her BS from UMass Boston and MS from Northeastern University.